Monday, March 25, 2013

Important Lesson Of Life

I seriously don’t get to know what’s going on with the people around me. When I try to be away from them, they come closer to me and make me feel that they are the best of all buddies I have. So when I conclude they are different and be there for them when they need me, they slowly move away from me. I am fed up of the people who remember me only when they need a help. I know that everything will come to an end one day, but I never thought it will happen very soon. One day they are good, the other day they just flip. If they don’t really want me to be with them, then why they make me feel I am so much important to them? It hurts a lot to see even a small change in the people’s behavior whom I used to know very longer. They have no time for me rather they have their own special category friends list where I do not stand. I try my best not to hurt them in the same way they did to me. So I forget how they moved away from me for days and months and be still for them when they come back again to me while they feel alone without any. I really want my heart to be okay and not to care when they exclude me. But it’s very hard for my heart to understand the reality as my mind do. Step by step I am learning to move on with my life with hope and decided not to dependent on anyone and don’t let anyone to come into my life completely until they are proved to deserve my friendship.

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