Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feel My Love - Part 2

While swetha was in a confused state whether to move or step into the dirty pool, a boy came near her. He was so charming and handsome. He looked her once started to search something. She thought he lost something and he is searching for it on the road. Then he came with some bricks on his hands.

He placed the bricks on the stagnated water one by one to make a foot path and started to step on the bricks and move. After he hopped to the third brick, he looked back at her.  She understood his look and started to follow him on the bricks. For each hop he turned back to see her following or not. After few steps she found the distance between the two bricks was large and she was unable to move further.

When he saw her unable to follow, he returned back to her and took the bricks to rearrange them with smaller gaps. She was amazed by his helping nature and saw him with wonder. She crossed the muddy water along with him.

He walked before her until he reached his home on the way. He stood at the entrance of his house and watched her going to her place. When she reached the end of the street she turned her head to see him and smiled herself. She thanked god for sending such a kind person to help her.

Next day morning she was hurry to catch the college bus. She reached the same street where he met him. She saw him standing before his house with toothbrush in his hand. As she has to catch the bus, she rushed. She regretted herself for not even thanking him for the help he did.

Same day evening she saw him standing near his house with his friend. She heard his friend call him Vishnu. She knew that he was waiting for her. She crossed without looking them.

Daily they used to see each other like this but they dint talk to each other. They exchanged only eye contacts. Years passed and swetha completed her studies. It was the last day of her college and she can’t see him too. So she decided to talk to him that day. As usual she came to the same street but she couldn’t find him. She felt upset and waited for him for an hour. But he dint come till she leave from there. She was very disappointed and returned to her place. She went to her hometown without informing him.

                                                                                    -To Be Continued…
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

How Do I Feel...

Sometimes I am happy
Sometimes I am sad
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I feel shy
Sometimes I walk around inside home
Sometimes I let my thoughts roam around my mind
Sometimes I like to sing
Sometimes I like to swing
Sometimes I feel like a butterfly so active
Sometimes I feel like a snail so slow
Sometimes I act so funny
Sometimes I am damn serious
Sometimes I behave like a baby
Sometimes I deport very crazy
Sometimes I like to live
Sometimes I wish I could die
Sometimes I do fight
Sometimes I bind up so tight
Sometimes I remain silent
Sometimes I am violent
Sometimes I wish to disturb
Sometimes I like to ignore
Sometimes I confused to blink
Sometimes I delight to wink
Do you wanna know how do I feel now?
Hahaha, I feel like I am blabbering in my blog. That’s I am doing!!!

P.s: This is just a refreshal post
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feel My Love - Part 1

Swetha is a fresh college student. She started her determination towards her career. New place, new people and new atmosphere made her excited and feel happy. This is the first time she left her parents and her hometown for her studies. She felt life in a new environment is totally different than she imagined.

She got new friends on the very first day in her college. Daily she goes to college with her friends in a local bus. But she missed the days when she used to hold her dad’s hand and go to school, waving hands to him till he goes out of her sight and waiting for him in evening at the school gate to pick her up.

One evening, she went out for shopping with her friends after college over. When they are about to move home it began to rain heavily. So they stayed into the shop till the rain stops. After an hour rain slows down and they moved. After saying bye to her friends she walked to her place. Roads were full of stagnated water and she looked down carefully for her each step.

So she thought to take a shortcut route to reach her place soon. When she came to the street she was shocked to see the dirty water temporarily pooled all over the street and it was blocked. She saw some ladies cross that street without caring much. But she was hesitated to step into that muddy water.

She stood still infront of that dirty pond formed due to the recent rain. She was confused whether to take another way to go to her place which will hardly take a mile to reach. It was already late and the sun was almost set, so the darkness crawling over. She was worried.

-To Be Continued...
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Stories Of Diwali

Hi Friends, I wish you all happy and prosperous diwali. I would like to share what is diwali and why it is celebrated.
            Diwali is “Festival of lights” celebrated at the new moon night to indicate the victory of good over evil. Peoples decorate their homes with earthernware lamps called “diyas” where diwali means “Row of lamps”. They wear new clothes, meet friends and relatives, exchange sweets and gifts, decorate homes with rangoli, lamps and set off fireworks.

The five days of diwali
First day
            The first day of diwali is “Dhanteras”. It is celebrated two days before diwali. This is an auspicious day that celebrated on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight. Dhan -  Wealth and Teras – thirteen. Basically people celebrate this to welcome the goddess “Lakshmi” who is the lord of wealth and lamp lights throughout the night to seek prosperity. The lord “Yama” , god of death is worshipped on this day to gain health and long life.
Story behind dhanteras
            The son of king hima was predicted to die on the fourth night after his marriage due to snake bite. On that particular day, his wife placed all her ornaments, lots of gold and silver coins in a heap at the entrance and lits more lamps all over the place so that there is no darkness in any place. She narrated stories and sang songs to keep her husband from falling asleep.
     The lord “Yama” arrived at the prince’s place as serpent to bite him, but his eyes were dazzled and blinded by the glitters of ornaments and the lights of lamp. So he could not enter into the prince’s place. So yama climbed on the heap of gold coins and sat there listening to the stories and songs sung by prince’s wife whole night. As the night was over yama went away silently and the prince was saved by the intelligence of his wife. To remind this event on the day of dhanteras people lit lamps on night and buy gold or silver.
Second day
            The second day of diwali is “Naraka chaturdasi”. On this day, lord Krishna killed the demon narakasura and rescued 16000 princess who were captured by narakasura. The day of victory of good over evil is celebrated as “Choti diwali”.
Third day
            This is the day of actual diwali. Lakshmi pooja, the worship of lord lakshmi to acquire wealth is conducted on this day. This is also the day of lord Rama, sita and lakshman return to ayodhya after 14 years from forest, having successfully rescued sita from demon ravan and defeated him.
            On this day king Bali was defeated by lord Vishnu in his dwarf incarnation and banished him to hell. On this day Bali was allowed to come to earth once in a year to light millions of lamps to eliminate darkness and spread wisdom.
Fourth day
            This is the day after diwali and called “Annakuta” or “Govardhan pooja”. This is used to hold a festival to honor lord “Indra”, the demigod responsible for providing rain for successful harvest.
Fifth day
            This day is referred as “Yama dvitya” and also known as “Bhai dhooj”. This day is dedicated to sisters. Lord Yama, god of death visited his sister Yamuna on this day and gave a boon to her that whoever visits her on this day shall be liberated from sins and attain moksha. On this day sisters pray for their brother’s welfare and success. This day marks the end of diwali celebration. 
Hope You all now know the stories of diwali and celebrate it safely with family and friends:)
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Heart Feelings 4

Don’t expect anything from others,
The least you expect, the least you get hurts.
If you expect nothing,
then there must be no disappointments in your life.
When you start expecting from others,
you become dependant on them.
You loose your independency.
So try to expect more from yourself than others.
Be successful.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Painful Is The Pain?

Have you ever questioned yourself How Painful is the Pain?” This question often come into my mind and made me to search for the answers within.

Pain is when you wish to cry, but no tears left in your eyes to pour out. Pain is when you wish to shout or yell madly, but you can’t even raise your voice to release the heavy feelings. Pain is too much when you die yet you still live. Wanna know what make all this pain? Fall in love, yeah “love is pain”.

Love never hurts, but loving a wrong person hurts. It puts you into the grief. Perhaps, it was hurtful to you for letting go the someone you love although from your heart.

         Acceptance of a loss is not merely a defeat itself, it is just a process of gaining wisdom in life. Letting go is not really the end of love but it is the beginning of the greatest love.
         Most relationships tend to fail not because of the absence of love, but because love is always present. It’s just that one was being loved too much and the other was being loved too little.

         It’s not at all the matter in love, who won or who lost, the only important thing is you must know when to hold on and when to let go. Love teaches you the lesson of life by giving pains. If you don’t get hurts then probably you won’t learn what love is.

         We can’t beg someone to stay with us in the name of love, love is not a license to make a person stay in your life. Love should be unconditional and selflessness to let go the person when he/she is not ready to be with you and find their happiness with other. You know true love is when you want your loved one to be happy even if you are not a part of their life.

         Well, remember this quote before you fall in love

            If You’re Not Ready To Cry,
              If You’re Not Ready To Take The Risk,
              And If You’re Not Ready To Feel The Pain,
              Then You’re Not Ready To Fall In Love
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Want My Childhood Back

Come on world, time travel with me,
Through my memories far upon the real world,
It’s a distant golden age, a small wonder land,
Filled of joys and innocence,
The time of cute collections and lovely remembrances,
Pleasures of naughtiness and purity,
Picking up the thoughts that are evergreen
Where the bed-time tales are sweeter,
Fulfilling the wishes through a powerful weapon of cry,
The jingles of childhood that are never dry,
Recalling the fairies dances in the dreams,
Refreshing the moments of laughter and screams,
The fears of future are unknowns,
The language of barbies and dolls are my owns,
The chase for the colorful wings,
And the rhymes of the twinkle I sings,
These are all the treasures of life I sack,
O lord, now I want my childhood back.
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