Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feel My Love - Part 1

Swetha is a fresh college student. She started her determination towards her career. New place, new people and new atmosphere made her excited and feel happy. This is the first time she left her parents and her hometown for her studies. She felt life in a new environment is totally different than she imagined.

She got new friends on the very first day in her college. Daily she goes to college with her friends in a local bus. But she missed the days when she used to hold her dad’s hand and go to school, waving hands to him till he goes out of her sight and waiting for him in evening at the school gate to pick her up.

One evening, she went out for shopping with her friends after college over. When they are about to move home it began to rain heavily. So they stayed into the shop till the rain stops. After an hour rain slows down and they moved. After saying bye to her friends she walked to her place. Roads were full of stagnated water and she looked down carefully for her each step.

So she thought to take a shortcut route to reach her place soon. When she came to the street she was shocked to see the dirty water temporarily pooled all over the street and it was blocked. She saw some ladies cross that street without caring much. But she was hesitated to step into that muddy water.

She stood still infront of that dirty pond formed due to the recent rain. She was confused whether to take another way to go to her place which will hardly take a mile to reach. It was already late and the sun was almost set, so the darkness crawling over. She was worried.

-To Be Continued...

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