Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding Peace

Have you experienced your mind always talk to you non stop? And you tried to calm it down and you failed? Why is it? The reason is that we have a mind that is conditioned to always be active. To experience silence you need to have an extremely quiet and sensitive mind. Shutting down the mental noise means inner peace.
Why Peace is important?
            Peace is something that everybody would like to reach and its not something new. Peace is a state of non-suffering as well as a celebration of life. Peace begins in mind. If you want to live peacefully you have to start working on calming the restlessness of mind. All negative things like fights, quarrels and problems can be avoided through peace.
            To achieve peace, one has to have a humble heart, fellow feelings, clear thoughts, positive thinking, strong will power, balanced attitude towards life and relationships.
            As how the peace is important for individuals its important for the society, countries and world too. One should have peace and politeness in everything they do because peace lives in everything. Only thing needed is we have to find it, know it and understand it within ourselves.
            Let the true love flow in us, for we are one. We must put an end to war, hatred and learn to love each other and do the right thing at right time or god will put an end to us. Lets commit to peaceful actions, peaceful thoughts, peaceful visions. Lets see a collective vision of peace on earth all together now. Spread peace everywhere

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