Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fake A Smile

Lined up by sequence of thoughts,
I fell down into the well of past,
Wondering where it went wrong,
What made us fall apart,
I see you walk away from me,
A last glance of our sights hit each other,
I left behind with a pierced heart,
For the first time with no words to say,
I am crushed by the heaviness in my heart,
For every step you take increased my infinite pain,
I reluctantly watched your silhouette,
Disappear in the distance gradually,
I know in this way better you will,
Drag the drama of playing with my emotions to an end,
If destiny bring us to meet again,
I desire nothing from you sternly,
Except a thing to do so effortless for you,
To look at my eyes and fake a smile atleast.

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