Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Secret Heart - Part 8

                  Prithvi came to maya.
Prithvi: What happened maya? Is she convinced?
Maya: Ya she is… hereafter no more fights between you and sruthi (smiled).
Prithvi: Thank you so much maya. You have made it for me.
Maya: I won’t let things get messed up between good friends like you and sruthi. Ok prithvi now I gotta go. Cya later.
                She walked away. Prithvi thinks of maya how she handled his problem as hers and took effort to clear it up and made everything alright for him. Next he moved to meet sruthi.
Prithvi: Hi sruthi (with a smile)
                Sruthi turned her face away to avoid prithvi.
Prithvi: I know still you are in anger. But I know how to cool you. See what I have got for you.
                He had two chocobars in his hand.
Sruthi: Chocobars to cool me??? Ok I forgive you but both are for me.
                She grabbed the icecreams from him and started to eat. Prithvi watched her silently.
Prithvi: Sorry sruthi. I never do such mistake again. Sorry for hurting you.
Sruthi: It’s ok leave it. Let’s forget that. But I have a punishment for you. You have to be with me all the time for the next two days. Will you?
Prithvi: Oh this much tough punishment I dint expect (he acted like being sad).
Sruthi: Huh spending time with me is tough for you? (angrily).
Prithvi: Cool cool… I will spend time with you for next two days. Ok now?
Sruthi: Hmmm ok.
                Sruthi gave one chocobar to prithvi. They happily had it together. Maya watched everything from the distance and thought she should be away from sruthi and prithvi as she didn’t want to spoil their happiness.
                Next day prithvi searched for maya everywhere in college. But he couldn’t find her anywhere. He asked to sruthi about maya.
Sruthi: You don’t know really? Or acting to me?
Prithvi: What are you talking? (confused)
Sruthi: Maya is absent today. Dint she inform you about it before?
Prithvi: no she didn’t inform me. Why she is absent today? Is she alright?
Sruthi: I don’t know. I told you to spend the day with me. But you are searching for maya here and there. Don’t make me angry again.
                Prithvi was confused and lost in thoughts of maya.
                                                                                                                                                           -To Be Continued…

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