Monday, September 30, 2013

A Secret Heart - Part 5

                Sruthi see both prithvi and maya with shocked face. Prithvi introduce maya to sruthi,
Prithvi: This is maya, a new member of our class, and maya, this is sruthi, my best friend.
                They both exchanged smiles and hellos and a few formal talks. Then prithvi tell sruthi to help maya in studies so that she will catch upto the day classes she missed. Sruthi feel disgusted but hides it with a fake smile. Maya thanked prithvi for making her comfortable on her first day in the college.
                At the break time, prithvi called sruthi and maya to canteen. But maya refused to go with them as she have more writing works to complete.
Sruthi: Ok maya, you carry on. We will come back. Come on prithvi lets move.
Prithvi: Wait sruthi, lets help her, we will go to canteen later.
Maya: It’s ok no problem… I can manage (smiled)
Prithvi: No, nooo, how can we leave you and go. Give your note I will help you.
                Prithvi take maya’s note and started to write. Sruthi is so annoyed.
At evening, sruthi came to prithvi as usual to go home together. But prithvi called maya too with them. Sruthi looks irritated and walks with them silently to the bus stop.
Prithvi: Maya, shall I ask you one thing, if you don’t mind?
Maya: Yaaa (with a confused face)
Prithvi: Will you give your mobile number? (hesitantly)
Maya: Ofcourse…(she gave it to him with a sweet smile)
                Sruthi fumes.
Prithvi: Sruthi, you too note maya’s number.
                Sruthi unwillingly noted maya’s number in her mobile.
                When the bus arrives, they boarded into the bus. As usual, there is no place to seat and they travel in standing. Prithvi stand beside maya and they both were talking. Sruthi was left alone and she remains quiet.
Prithvi: Sruthi, are you ok? You are looking very dull today… why?
Sruthi: Nothing, I am ok, a slight headache.
When the bus stops,
Prithvi: Sruthi, I forgot to tell you that I have an important work on the way. I am not coming with you today. I will go directly to my home after finishing the work.
Sruthi: Ok (in a low voice)
                Sruthi got down from the bus and watched grouchily that prithvi and maya happily chatting with each other.
                                                                                                                                            -To Be Continued…

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