Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Surprise

Rohit and ritika were friends from class 8. As time goes they become good friends and they are at the end of their school life now. They are from different classes but never failed to meet each other at breaks and after school.
They both know they love each other but never expressed it to each other before because they dint wish to face the risk of losing their friendship.
When they came to know they are going to be placed in different colleges, rohit decided to propose ritika on this valentine’s day.
On the day before valentine’s day, ritika saw rohit was tensed and quite nervous. Rohit said ,”Ritika I wanna tell you something”. Ritika felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach and she was expecting for those three words from him. She looked his face with excitement. When their eyes meet, rohit lost his mind in ritika’s beautiful smile and he searched for the words to express his love but he couldn’t utter even a single word to her. He said, “Nothing, I will talk to you later” and moved to his class.
Ritika understands from rohit’s behavior that he was so nervous to tell those words to her. At night, rohit was thinking about how he gonna propose her next day and thought he need a rehearsal for proposing her next day. So he practiced some proposal expressions before the mirror in his room and finds himself so funny.
Suddenly he got a call from an unknown number. When he picked it, he heard ritika’s voice, “hi rohit, it’s me ritika, would you mind if I make an appointment with you at this time?”  Rohit was shocked and asked , “At this time, how?”
“Just look down from your window” she said. He opened the window in his room and saw ritika standing in his favorite pink dress. He ran down quickly to her.
“I want our first day of love to be something special, unique and unforgettable, so I came to meet you”. She kissed him on cheeks and whispered “I Love You” in his ears under the moon light in the street.
He was filled with full of sweet shocks and surprises. He got his first and best valentine’s day gift in his life.

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