Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feel My Love - Part 3

Part - 1 & Part - 2

            Swetha couldn’t able to forget him. She was disturbed by his thoughts often. She didn’t know how to contact him again. Am I in love with him? What happened to him? Why dint he come on the final day? How stupid I am to fall in love with a guy whom I don’t even talk once and only knowing his name? Is this just an attraction or crush? Will he miss me like I do? Will he think of me like I think of him? Several questions were raised in her mind but with no answers.
            She convinced herself that it’s not love and it’s just an attraction. “If he love me, then he will come to me surely anyway” she repeatedly says to herself. Days passed and he didn’t come for her. Swetha felt very bad. She realized that only she loved him and he didn’t love her. She changed her mind. She started to be happy with her family, friends and her job. She forgot him.
            After a year, she received an invite letter from her college about the alumni meet of the old students. She decided to attend it and meet her college mates and friends. On the day of the meet, she was very busy with her friends whole day.
            At evening, she thought to go to the same street where she met him. When she reached the place, she saw everything in the street was changed. The street looked totally different. She stood there for few minutes and recollected her past memories. She turned back to move from there. She was surprised to see him standing behind her with smile. She couldn’t believe her eyes that she is seeing him so near.
            He said, “I missed you a lot, now I never miss you again in my life”. I tried very much to get you in contact but nothing helps. I was waiting for you past one year. Daily I waited for you morning and evening in this place with the hope to see you one day. I believed in my love and it happened. Have you ever felt my love?”
            She remained silent with no words to speak. She looked into his eyes and felt more love in it. Tears began to roll out from her eyes and it meant everything that she wished to say him. Nothing only love prevails around them.

                                                                    - Happy End -


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