Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sow Failures, Reap Success

Today I think about how many times I failed in my life? Failures, just not only mean in certain things, it may be a lose in game, career, a failure in love, studies or attaining the target you aimed. It is a fall off in only a part of life, not a total life failure.

When you fail at something, what will you do next to make it success? Do you just give up and think it is too hard to try again? Do you tell everyone that you tried it and it didn't work? Do you act like a poor victim and feel like you are not worth enough to try it and put a full stop to continue?

Ofcourse, moving ahead and facing the things that just made you fail many times is a risk. But the risk you take each time gives you more experiences and knowledge of what to do further and what not to do. This sharpens you towards the success.

Thinking about failure even worse telling everyone that you meet about the fact that it didn’t work or anything else of a negative drags you to the destruction. Move ahead and be grateful for the experiences that life has taught by giving failures.

The taste of success is fully depend on the failures you faced before. Because the joy of success can be felt completely when you achieved it after crossing many hurdles that failure has put on.

Many people succeed not because they are very smarter than others, not cos they are richer than others and certainly not because they have any magical ability. They succeed because of the efforts they made than the others.

You have to realize that there is nothing wrong in failing. Failing often is different from failing for the first time. Failing for the first time shows that you tried something and it failed cos it lacks effort and efficiency. Failing often shows that you keep on trying without evaluating from the past failures you experienced. You must learn to evaluate and analyze from your past experiences to figure out the best ways to step towards the success path.

Try to learn from others experiences too. It will help you to not repeat their mistake. I also suggest you not to overthink your past failures that make you depressed and it will become a thorn in the way to success. Moreover, patience and perseverance are important after a failure while you attempt to find out the keys to success.

Let failure teach you, let failure motivate you, let failure inspire you. But don’t let failure stop you from dreaming and don’t let it stop you from trying. Don’t let it sideline you in the game of life.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”
                                                                             -Thomas Edison

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