Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Sister - A Sweet Angel

Like the honey in bud, like the rays in sunshine,
You are ultimately pure and divine,
Beyond the bonds and the relations that end,
Its all your affection that will always defend,
You are a joy that cannot be taken away,
Entered into my life and to show me the way,
Endless the laughter, the cries and the secrets we shared,
As my best friend, you really cared,
When life broke me into piece,
You lift me high with words so ease,
Even though the destiny put us far away,
We are still together at hearts everyday,
You are a little sweet heart,
Sent from the heaven above to be a part,
Luckily all I am blessed with this,
A little sister ordained by god, the greatest of gifts!

I dedicate this poem to my little sister “Kutty” and  my “Deu sis”

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