Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Love Redefined

She read the message he sent again and again for a while.
                “I can’t be your friend again anymore. I thought you are the girl of my life. But you are not, now I realized it’s my mistake that I loved a girl like you. I don’t want you and you are not upto my expectations. You have a reason for everything you do. You never understand me and you are so selfish that you do anything for your happiness only. You are a cheat. Now everything is finished. Don’t disturb me. Good bye.”
 Silently she started crying after reading the message. She thinks of the day how their beautiful friendship turned into love. She wondered how the things which she did when they were friends once gave him happiness suddenly turned into the things he hate after they fall in love.
After few mins, she took her mobile and started typing,
                “Am I selfish? I have changed myself a lot for you from the beginning till today. The things whatever I did aimed only for your happiness. But still you always have problems with me. I started to notice slowly I am losing my originality. Why don’t you accept me as the way I am? I’m same from the day one after you came into my life. But you have changed after we get into a relationship. I tried hard to fulfill all your wishes then and there to keep you happy. I cared for you more than anyone but you always hurt me more. I think love is all about living for each other, compromising without egos and not for fulfilling each one’s expectations. If I failed to live upto your expectations, then should I considered to be a cheater and not the one fit for love? I am fed up of your silly fights cos of your higher expectations. It’s very much enough now. I want someone who loves me as I am with my mistakes not a guy who changes me according to his expectations. Thanks for going out of my life. Take care. Bye”
She clicked the send button, took a deep breathe and felt relaxed. She was clear in her decision and started to live her life in her own way.

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