Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Birthday Post 2013

Hi friends,
                Time flew away faster. It’s been like just I posted a post on my birthday. But a year passed and it’s me again for a birthday post. This is really a special year for me. Like every year, I celebrated the day with my sweet family, lot of gifts, sweets and enjoyment. The day moved well with my friends and family wishes. I am excited this year my birthday falls on the auspicious day saraswathi pooja.
                Besides my birthday post, it’s a special post about saraswathi pooja. In india, saraswathi pooja is celebrated during “Navaratri”. Navaratri literally means “nine nights”. The last two days of navaratri is saraswathi pooja and vijaya dhasami (the day of victory of goddess durga over the demons) vijaya = victory, dhasami = tenth lunar day.
                Saraswathi is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science. So people place books near the goddess statue and worship them. It is considered that the goddess herself blessing the books and instruments on that day. In temples, they arrange the miniatures of various incidents, god statues and dolls in steps to represent the celebration. It’s named as “Golu” (arrangement of dolls).
                 Every morning is a start of new day,
                Each day is a start for new hope,
                Every hope is a start to new success,
                Each success is a start for new wish,
                Each wish of mine needs all your blessings.
Wish me and bless me friends.
And coming to the last part of the post,
                Here I am to thank all of them who wished me and made my birthday a fabulous one and memorable. I thank each of you from my heart and expect to support and encourage me to face the forcoming years too. I pray the goddess saraswathi on this day to bless my readers, friends, family and everyone in this earth with every good thing and also I pray the goddess to give me more knowledge and power to write more.

Once again,
                Happy happy birthday to me… (Oops I am getting older happily >:o ha ha ha)

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