Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unexpected Disasters

I remember those days when I was a school girl with no worries in life and being loved by my mom and dad. I was showered by their unconditional love which disappeared when I completed my college. I was happy when I got placed in the campus interview but later I was restricted by my dad to go for a job far away from my place which ended my career.
Abuse is common in Indian culture. I have faced different types of abuse on different occasions by my dad and my elder sibling who is so selfish in nature because of whom my life stopped moving to the next phase. My elder sibling self-destructed own life and acts as a barrier to stop the improvements of my life too in various ways purposely.
I have experienced physical abuses apart from mental abuses many times. I was choked and strangled by my dad often for silly reasons. I had situations when my dad pulled my hair and threw me to the floor and slapped me to the wall several times for I have said a word against him. Then I was left to cry all the day with visible bruises that make me sore and unable to move.
My mom is an innocent lady with no choice only watch that and leaves from there because she knows the same treatment she will get when she try to interfere. My little sister who supports me in times and understands me well but she can’t do anything without my dad’s knowledge.
Now I am used to live as my dad’s wish (I mean sleep, eat and do nothing). Atleast I can save myself from getting severe hurts. At first it was hard for me to be inside home all time doing nothing, but now it was ok. To say literally, my life is sinking before my eyes and I am unable to rescue it cos of my family (unfortunately my family don’t support me to do anything that helps me). It seems that one is lucky to be doing nothing but to be frank it’s the most painful thing in the world I say.
           Sometimes I think to move away from home to save my remaining life that is left to live or die, but I know no one in the world except my unsupporting family. So now am practicing to do nothing and simply breathe to live. I am trying to forget about my studies, career, my happiness and waiting for a change in my life with fingers crossed. 

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