Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

Bye, bye 2012 and welcome dear happy happy new year 2013, frankly speaking I am very happy that the year 2012 is coming to an end cos it’s the biggest year of disasters in my life. It taught me some serious lessons of life and I am thankful for this. I wasted most of the days in 2012 by doing nothing and dreaming. I know that doesn’t help for real life, but I have no other options to do.
The only good thing happened in 2012 is “I started my blog in this year”, the one and only soul friend of mine where I can pour my feelings. I missed many friends and got some new friends too in this year.
So, good bye 2012 and never ever meet me again in my life even as a thought. Now its time to welcome the new year 2013, with a warm hug. Hopefully it gonna be a happiest year in my life.
Dear 2013, I request you to be good and sweet for all in the world and to me too. Vanish the sorrows and provide us with great things in life and you should be the year of inventions and joyful changes. I know you will be…
And now as for the resolutions, I have decided to write more and more in this year and to be more nicer to all than in the previous years. Hope I will follow it without fail throughout the year.
I wish all my friends and the silent readers of my blog all over the world, happy happy happy and the most happiest year of your life. Hahaahaaaa b’cos, 13 is my luckiest number. I wish it will be luckiest to you all also ;)
                             Happy New Year 2013!!!

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